• We will be providing Pitsco HD Bond Glue (1 bottle per 2 competitors).

• Because of HD Bond Glue, no repairs requiring glue will be allowed 

   during the recording of official time trials.

Please have students practice adhering pieces of balsa together

   with minimal glue to determine ideal set time.

• We will provide Balsa Material for the aircraft (no replacement parts).

• All items used must be brought in a container (Tool Box) that is no   

   greater than 20” long  X 10” high X 10” wide, tool boxes may be shared.

• Please make sure that your tool boxes contains a cutting surface that   

  prevents table-top marring something like card stock.

No material will be issued to a contestant that does not produce  

   a complete technical drawing of an aircraft.

• Time trials will take place during block 3. Contestants can complete the

   time trials anytime during that block.