• All participants will take the written test. We will be allowing all teams to participate in the Mock Crime Scene Analysis. Awards will be based on the combined score of the test and the analysis.
  • Due to the number of students registered, we will be breaking up into two groups. One group will have 50 minutes to take the test, then report to the Mock Crime Scene room where teams will be staggered and allowed 10 minutes to investigate the scene. They then will return to a different room where they will have 15 minutes to write their analysis. Teams will have a total of 30 minutes from the time they enter the Mock Crime Scene to complete and turn in their analysis.  There will be a point-deduction penalty for not finishing in 30 minutes.
  • The second group will be allotted the same amount of time but will reverse the order. They will visit the crime scene in staggered 10-minute intervals, then write their report. Half way through the block, they will report to the room for taking the 50-minute test.
  • Locations of the three rooms (testing, crime scene, and writing analysis) will be announced at the conference before the event.
  • Students will not be dusting for fingerprints thus do not need the "lift-backing cards", the dust or fingerprint duster as stated for the competition and on the updates page.  It is suggested that they have a digital camera to record the fingerprints found at the scene. If they are using a phone for this, it must be checked in at the proctor's table during the exam. Any student found with a phone during the exam will have their team disqualified from the event.
  • A flashlight is not necessary for this crime scene.