Fisher Cats Game

Hello NHTSA,

This is Flan Sheahan, your state Reporter. I come to you today to remind you of an event that will be taking place in about a month: the CTSO Fisher Cats game.

To begin, I’d like to give a brief summary of the benefits of attending this event. As you may recall, there wasn’t a profusion of interest in this convention at state conference. However, I can assure you that this Fisher Cats game will be a great experience. For starters, all of the CTSO (Career Technical Student Organization) sectors will attend the game. Naturally, this will be a great way to network and make friends with people both inside and outside of TSA! Although it is a baseball game, you don’t even necessarily have to be a zealous baseball fan to enjoy the game. I know I’m not.

So, TSA, what do you say? Come to this great opportunity for fun and networking! The game will be on May 23. Further details are yet to be announced.

Flan Sheahan


State Reporter